Our mission is to develop natural industrial bakery products with quality
and health features which daily can contribute to counteract effects of
modern life-style.

Grain Active is an independent and unique company specialized in the
development of innovative industrial bakery products.

Grain Active is one of the worlds most creative developers of ready to process
recipes - combining the efficiency from the industrial processes with actual health
issues, without compromising on quality and taste. The recipes are implemented
and marketed through industrial partnerships.

Grain Active has already contributed to the development of several break-through

For further information on development projects and purchase of ready to process
recipes please contact:

  Director Ph.D Lisbeth H. Johansen
E-mail: lisbeth.johansen@grainactive.com | Mobile +45 20848511
Contact Us
Grain Active A/S | Soendre Kaj 14, 8700 Horsens, Denmark | E-mail: info@grainactive.com | Tel. +45 20848511